How do you get your fridge to stop smeling?!

Question: How do you get your fridge to stop smeling?
We left for a week to go on a trip and when we came back the fridge was broken (instead of cooling, it warmed up) so all the food was liquid and had gone bad. We paid a guy 100$ to repair it and now it works. We threw out everything and cleaned it but it still smells like a dead animal. Any ideeas what i can put inside, what products will make the smell go away?



Some refrigerators have a drip pan underneath that can be cleaned.If they have one they should be cleaned once a year. Did you pull out the crisper drawers when you cleaned it so you could wash under where they go too? Good Luck with that.

baking soda and a lemon will work.

baking soda neutralises the smell.

baking soda definitely works, but to give it like a really fresh smell, after using the baking soda rub it down with some fabuloso or pinesol.

do this everytime i clean my fridge

soda baking soda

Get water mix it with BAKING SOADA WORKS then clean it leave in for at least a day then clean it will fresh it a spray that smell nice and it cleans

You can buy deoderizes's for it :)

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