how to avoid getting caught when coming home drunk?!

Question: How to avoid getting caught when coming home drunk?
any tips? my dad is usually on his toes when i come home late


i mean avoid seeing him. run to your room or dont get plastered if you know hes going to play 20 questions when youget home. what i do is i put visene, gum not too strong so it wont be obvious and i go to my room and say im tired the night sucked or something quick like that close your door. and pass out on your bed. BEST FEELING is being on your own bed after getting wasted

My brother used to eat lots of breath mints in the hope that the minty smell would cover the smell of the alcohol. In reality, he just smelled like a really minty fresh drunk. The mints did nothing for the slurred speech and the stumbling.

don't drunk

stay someplace else

deal with the consequences of your actions


avoid eye contact . act like yu really gotta piss or poop . stay in contact with yur dad all night so that when yu come home he's not paranoid .

what i used to do .

I got caught yesterday haha but Doritos is all good or Peanut Butter

close your mouth, avoid making conversation

try to come earlier , or just very late , or be a good actor and act like you are not

Don't get drunk, or don't come home.

come home in the morning

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