Irish stout. whats your favourite ? Guinness, Murphy's or Beamish?!

Question: Irish stout. whats your favourite ? Guinness, Murphy's or Beamish?

I had a job with Guinness about ten years ago. As new recruits, we were given a training weekend at Park Royal (the headquarters of the former Guinness UDV company and the former UK brewery for Guinness).

In groups, we were asked to taste four stouts and mark them in order of taste from the nicest to the least nice. Afterwards, the brands were reveiled. The drink every group rated was the second nicest was Guinness brewed in London, and the drink every group rated as the nicest was Guinness brewed in Dublin.

Of course, these days, all Guinness is brewed in Dublin. And in those days, the official line was that there was no difference between Guinness brewed in London and Guinness brewed in Dublin.

We also don't know if they had kept Guinness in better conditions than the other two (Murphy's and Beamish Black) as, of course, Guinness were ensuring that we as employees had faith in the brand!

Anyway, of those three brands, I think that Guinness is best.

I local pub of mine used to serve a traditional stout (not Irish stout) that was delicious. It was much stronger than Guinness and made many of my friends heave! It was similar in texture to best bitter or real ale (felt more watery, and the head was just like best bitter or real ale) but the liquid was jet black. It tasted strong and the alcohol content was about 7.5%, I recall. Fantastic stuff, but after two pints, you were plastered! Can't remember the name of it!

Hope it helps (or at least, is interesting)!

You know i heard on the radio that there's something about the way guinness is brewed that is actually good for you. good for the heart. Edit: I mean as compared to other beers. So guinness in particular.

when guiness fir st cameabout, ireland had massive water problems. And guiness was advertised as the drink that would make you healthy. so guinness started off as a drink that was brewed for altruism.


There is only one Irish Stout "Guinness"

there all good.

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