Why do I get dizzy from drinking Guiness?!

Question: Why do I get dizzy from drinking Guiness?
Anytime I drink a paint of Guiness I get dizzy. When I feel run down I will drink a pint to get Iron but everytime i do I get dizzy. It never happenes if I drink WKD. So why Guness?


Stuff like that tends to happen when people consume alcohol. Remember too that WKD is an alcopop, so it might mask the effects of the alcohol better than straight beer will. Depending on what variety of Guinness the alcohol by volume (ABV) might have been higher as well - WKD has 4.5% ABV.

EDIT: Do you like what Guinness does to you? That's what you have to ask yourself when considering if you want to keep drinking it.

I did my awesomely credible Wikipedia research, but checked the product websites as well.

Is it all Guinness or just certain products and ways it is served. Maybe you have allergic reaction to something in it. I love Guinness and the only time I get dizzy is after 5 or 6 then try to stand up. I can drink them like cool water on a hot afternoon.

lets get together and have a pint or two.

It has a lot of hops in it way more than most beer and hops has a mild drug effect. You could be sensitive to them. There is also different kinds of hops to. It I about 6% that ain't real high so thats my theory

Erm...because Guiness contains more alcohol which makes you drunk?

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