What is the difference between a Soiree wine aerator and a Vinturi wine aerator?!

Question: What is the difference between a Soiree wine aerator and a Vinturi wine aerator?
I am looking at buying a wine aerator and have narrowed down my choice to either a Soiree wine aerator or Vinturi wine aerator. Can anyone tell me the differences between these wine aerators? Thanks


The Soiree wine aerator is made of glass, so if you are slightly clumsy like me then you may wish to go for a sturdy aerator like the vinturi.

The vinturi requires two hands to operate and many people report being put off by the gurgling sound that it makes. However the vinturi wine aerator does a fantastic job of aerating your wine. I rank it above the Soiree for aeration and looks.

The Soiree is however easier to use as it fits on the bottle.

I conducted alot of research and found http://wineaerator101.com had very in depth reviews of both.


The only thing I like better about the Soiree is that you can put it on the bottle instead of having to get it whenever you want to pour another glass...
Other than that, the Venturi does a better job of opening up the wine. When you pour the Soiree, you don't get as much aeration unless you practically turn the bottle upside down. This doesn't make for such an easy pour, especially in a narrower rim glass.
So, if you want ease of use, the Soiree wins. If you want the better aerator, I'd go with the Vinturi... It costs slightly more, but I think it's worth it...

Used both, bought one...

I personally prefer the Soiree wine aerator, as it is less Star Trekky looking. However they both do fine jobs airing wine, and I wish you all the best in your decision.

Wine afficianado

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