Pot vs alcohol? (read inside)?!

Question: Pot vs alcohol? (read inside)?
I know some stoners that say pot is natural and alcohol is not. But isn't alcohol made by yeast?? I've heard of birds getting drunk off of rotting berries before (my biology teacher said it).


Stoners are stupid. Alcohol is naturally made by yeasts as it digests sugars.

I don't indulge yo so I know common knowledge

Alcohol is just as natural as pot. Its made by fermenting vegetables fruits (like the berries)

Both have some negatives and positives.

Although, alcohol is the only one that can actually "help" you. Small amounts of it have been proven to aid with health, and keep you "mellow" The key word is to control it though, too much is very bad as it is a poison (like mercury) although it can be beneficial as well, just like mercury.

As far as I know, smoking pot has no medical or health benefit besides keeping you relaxed.
Any level of Pot will destroy cells, primarily brain cells. The THC is 10,000x as potent compared to alcohol, which is why you get high off of a little pot, whereas it takes more alcohol to get drunk.

In my opinion, alcohol is much better. I've never had pot before, and I never intend to.
Be careful! :D

All alcohol is natural. Its made from natural living organisms (Plants).

Pot didn't invent itself. It took centuries of selective breeding to create it. Alcohol is natural and exist before man.

PS, I used that arguement about birds getting drunk to help defend my muslim friends from his inlaws, because He sold Ice cream with small amount of alcohol in it.

I've heard from stoners that pot is healthier then alcohol ,
I've also heard it from my health and science teacher too.
but some alcohol isn't natural, but i'm pretty sure wine is natural.

I think they are both natural. Pot is plant and alcohol is fermented from things like potatoes and grains.

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