Will I be drunk from this bottle?!

Question: Will I be drunk from this bottle?
I want to drink a bottle of Alize Rose at 16% alcohol by volume and the bottle size is 1 liter and I want to drink all this in one night how drunk will I be off this?



I'm wondering if that's the SAME bottle you've been asking us about over the past week (or perhaps you just don't remember....) but anyway at 16% it's a pretty strong liqueur and as you're quite an expert at drinking I doubt you'll notice any effects from this. Mind you, it will probably make you vomit.

yeah, it's not like drinking a whole bottle of vodka but my friend actually drank one of those the other night and was so wasted he ended up vomitting and passed out.

he's 22 aswell and drinks normally

good luck!

*Bangs head against brick wall* Maybe all that alcohol has killed any remaining brain cells and you have memory loss because i can't understand why you keep posting.

Yeah you will be pretty drunk after that not wasted though, the next morning you may regret it though

thats some pussy **** i dare you to drink a half g of 151 in one night

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