how much alcohol for me to get drunk?!

Question: How much alcohol for me to get drunk?
I am 19 and weigh 230 lbs and i'm 6ft 1in Ive drunk alcohol on only a handful of occasions so my tolerance should be low...I know it depends on a lot of factors but I'm just looking for a ball park idea K?


That whole bottle of sherry will **** you up. Beware, being drunk isn't all fun. You want to be on the borderline between tipsy and drunk.

a shot of descent whiskey should get you buzzed, 2 should get you relaxed, 3 should get you drunk
4 should make you fun, 5 should make you confident, 6 should make you barf and 7 should get you to run around naked for some reason.

of course it has everything to do with pacing.

alcohol alone isnt the only thing that gets ya drunk
you should try lemon and swiss cheese mixed with vodka
or maybe make a big bowl and pour some black coffee into some grey goose mixed with smirnoffs and malibus and top it off with some hot sauce
mm mm mm

6-8 beers in a few hours should get it done or a pint of 80 proof booze

I drink and am a big guy

Alcohol is harmful to your healthy.If you must drink,a little better.

6-8 shots of vodka but at least wait 5-10 minutes between each shot you don't want to get smashed

Ah. you a big boy ;) umm...couple shots, 4 beers.

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