Is it okay for my 12 year old sister to have a sip of marsala wine?!

Question: Is it okay for my 12 year old sister to have a sip of marsala wine?
For a celebration for easter, she's allowed to drink a little marsala wine. Will she die if we give her a sip of wine? How much can she have? Will she get drunk?


She will not die if she consumes a glass of wine. However, you should only give her a sip if any because it is unhealthy for a young person to take in alcohol. That is why the drinking age is 21.

****** idiot
will she die
yes you can give her ********


no not at all my parents afford me wine on new years but i said no ha ha i had a friend over and he was like drunk lol but we are a little older than 12 but you don't need to know my age

hahaha of course it is! i had a little more than a sip of wine at 12 hahaha and no most likeley wont die!

No she will not die. I think you should only give her a little, not too much. She might get slightly buzzed.

Mix it with water and sugar and she will live.

no shes 12

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