how many shots of vodka would i need?!

Question: How many shots of vodka would i need?
to get drunk. im 5'11 180 lbs


Depends on how often u drink. But since you're asking that means you're fairly new. I'd say for u : 2 for a good buzz, around 4 for a heavy buzz, and anything more than that you will start to get drunk. You won't know that you're drunk or admit that u are. Trust me you will be because it takes a a while for your body to process the alcohol. Eat something otherwise u will get a drunk too fast and regret it. Drink pure pear juice a couple hours before drinking to prevent hangover because it helps your blood vessels from swelling after, that's what the hangover does. Be carefull!

There's 44 ml in a shot. I'd say a good 7 or 8 if your new to drinking.
I'm 120 and after 5 I couldn't walk, but that's when I was just first starting to drink.

1.5 ml is a shot - Id say about 6 should do you pretty good of vodka thats 40%

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