is a 350mL flask of vodka enough to get drunk twice?!

Question: Is a 350mL flask of vodka enough to get drunk twice?

Depends on your age, size, tolerance, how much you've eaten during the day, and how you drink it. I would say if you're really slamming it back then yes, it probably will. If you drink it slowly throughout a night, then no. It just.. it depends. :P

A lot depends on your weight and tolerance. Heck back in the day I would chug a 1/2 pint when I got up in the morning just to get me going but that was some 10 years ago before I quit drinking (stupid liver).

i think it depends on the age of the person. Like your five, yes, yes it is. But if your like 55, then probably not;_ylt=AgSFQU4Bb.Vp49vlrYHzLs3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110320140105AANxk7p help? anyone?

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