Is it okay to give my 6-year-old whiskey and tonic?!

Question: Is it okay to give my 6-year-old whiskey and tonic?
He seemed to handle beer pretty well.


of course it is. I give my *5* yr old whiskey, vodka, and every other liquor known to man on a daily basis

I've even given them meth

wow , do you see all these bad answers ? one guy even has a month to live ? its illegal & that's setting a very bad example . & one dude even gave a 5 year old meth , he can go to jail .

dont do that , im warning you .

the laww , *

No some guy on the news gave his kid a shot and it stopped his heart, his blood thinned out too much. Kids can't handle shots, maybe it's he's a pure bred german or russian but I wouldn't suggest it.

not wise to give the young kid hard drink, whiskey and tonic are so strong that could burn the lung
most adults who get used to alcohol during their childhood ended up to be a hard drinker

I am not sure why you would like to destroy your 6 year-old child's life but why would you not wait until your child is 19 instead. I live in Ottawa, ON the drinking age here is 19.

Yes, my parents used to give me stout when I was in a pram apparently.

I'm a full blown alcoholic with less than a year to live but hell - it never did me any harm.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! what kind of role model are you. Give him whiskey and coke! If u gave him whiskey and tonic he'd probably never wanna drink again! Get it together dude, damn.

Yer of course just try not to rape him.

No. It's a terrible idea.

I remind you that it is illegal to drink in till age 21.

It depends. Who are you giving your six-year old whiskey to?

Love a good troll!

no very bad thing abuse

i would say no, but i'm not sayin'

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