Who feels bad for my poor liver?!

Question: Who feels bad for my poor liver?
I hate my liver so much and plan on abusing him and all that I do not appreciate liver at all and alcogol is more important then liver to me I'd rather not have liver then give up alcohol. I drink 3 bottles of wine or cocktail every weekend how bad am I punishing my liver and will my liver punish me back? P.S. my liver is such a nice organ which does so much for me cleans my blood, filters poisons and a lot more and all it gets from me is ungratefulness and abuse I mean my liver is so poor and unlucky to have such an ungrateful organ like me right?


What is your question exactly? Do i feel bad for your liver? No. I feel bad for your family who will have to see you destroy yourself because you're too selfish to do anything about it. You sound proud of yourself when really you should be getting the help you need. I hardly drink and plan on having a happy and healthy life not slowly fade away and ruin my body. I have a feeling you're drunk right now because a sober person wouldn't post something like that.


na not really and all this drinking will catch up with you someday

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