Is it just me or does grape juice taste better than wine?!

Question: Is it just me or does grape juice taste better than wine?
I'm worried that I won't fit in as an adult since I do not like wine, beer, cigars, etc. They say it is an acquired habit, and I must admit, cigarette smoke does have its appeal after smelling my mother smoke. But what draws people to these activities, is it more of an addicting habit than actual preference?


No,It is not just you.Me too.

Some people really prefer the tastes. In some countries children are permitted to drink wine at a young age so it's what they were raised on.

I do drink wine but I love grape juice. Try the sparkling stuff!!!

You don't need to do any of those things to fit in - there are plenty of people who choose not to drink or smoke as well. There are also a lot of us who do choose to drink & smoke who don't require that our friends do the same. My friends are a wide variety of personalities, some of whom drink & some don't - none smoke anymore but that's just cuz we all gave it up when we got old!!

I too enjoy grape juice but only after it is aged a few months in a bottle. Adults have many different likes and dislikes. Partake in what YOU safely enjoy and not what you think society would dictate.
Keepin up with the Joneses is what has many adults in financial dire straights anyway!

u don't have to be able to fit in just by doing those really bad things and i know the smell and temptation from cigarettes but trust me and all the other well known facts that that stuff is bad

It's just you.
Wine enhances the flavour of food,and makes mealtime a more enjoyable experience.
A cigarette after eating rounds the whole thing off nicely,so relaxing

Well, I think wine is fermented grape juice. So if you're not the alcohol type, go for the grape. (juice that is.)

It's a social habit.

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