Why cant i get drunk anymore?!

Question: Why cant i get drunk anymore?
Im 18, i drink a fair bit... but i just cannot get drunk anymore, im a really small girl as well 5'2 and i weigh just under 49kg... but i can out drink almost anyone i know including my dad.... it used to affect me but now i just cannot get drunk.

just want to know whether ive built an immunity to it, or if theres maybe something wrong with my liver?


I think your system has gotten used to the amount of alcohol you have consumed...so I guess you may have to take a break from drinking to get drunk or drink more than you usually do to do so( not a recommendation lol)

You should get your priorities on defining your problem.
You are probably an alcoholic.
If I were you I would not brag about your ability or inability to get drunk or you ability to out drink others.
Drunkenness has and continues to destroy so many people on the face of this earth.
It is a sickening, disgusting behavior that society call a disease.
Nothing good comes out of drunkenness.
You want to have a sociable drink fine but anything beyond that is simply trouble.
How shameful to see such a young life so wasted.
Get up off your but and be a real human being.

I know a girl like you. She is several sizes smaller than me. I'm not a big girl I'm a size 6 this girl is a 0. She can drink me under the table. I will be black out drunk and she will be almost normal. I don't know. I kind of think she is a robot. Are you a robot?

you built up a tolerance to it , if something was wrong w/your liver it would have a reverse affect , because it would not filter/process the alcohol correctly & you would be really whacked for days !!

You have drunk enough to cause damage to your liver and organs. Go see a doctor.

Alcohol is harmful to your health.You'd better not drink more.

maybe you have destroyed all your brain cells already

cause your not of age. gotta be 21 to get drunk.

bcuz u drink to much ***

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