is she classified as an alcoholic, or just a normal teenager?!

Question: Is she classified as an alcoholic, or just a normal teenager?
ok, uhm my best friend drinks, all the time.
she lives with her boy friend, and they drink, all the time.
she doesn't know when to stop. and shes a very mean drunk, she punchs holes in the wall, and beats the crap out of her very loving boy friend. she doesn't think shes in the wrong. and when shes drinking and her boy friend tries to get her to stop but she thinks she can drink until she blacks out. it just doesn't stop. she is my best friend and i love her, and i used to worry about her, but ive gotten used to her behavior, i just dont see her all the time now. i was just wondering if she is indeed an alcoholic.


Ive been through the same situation before. In a way yeah she may be an alcoholic. Even if she does not drink 24/7 it sounds like she relies on alcohol in her life. Dont worry your not the only one who has witnessed something this bad before.

If she drinks all the time and drinks until she passes out, she is a alcoholic.

Yes if you drink all the time your an alcoholic.. Maybe her boyfriend should tell her

yes becuse shes a mean drunk not because she drinks all the time teach her to controll her self when drunk

Yes she is

I don't really think it's that difficult to figure out. Really

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