I know it's a long shot but...?!

Question: I know it's a long shot but...?
I love the name Tess and have been asking questions about what else it could be short for other than Tessa, Teresa etc...

I came up with Anastasia which I quite like, but wasn't sure about as I would hate the possible alternative nickname Stacy which I think is a bit chav.

So I started using babynamesgarden.com to search names containing 't's, 'e's and 's's or at least 2 of them and fiinally found a name i liked: Alexis. I know Tess is a bit of a long shot as a nickname for that, but if she was always called it and introduced herself to people as Tess it would catch on - just as my daughter Isabelle is always referred to as Elsie even though the natural nickname for Isabelle might be Izzy. Do you like the name Alexis? Or do you prefer Anastasia?


my cousins name is tess, i like it. You could also name her Anastasia Tess and then you could call her by her middle name?

If you love the name Tess and want her to be called that then why not just name her Tess? Or am I missing something? And why didn't you name your other daughter Elsie if that is what you wanted her to be called? I'm really baffled at what you are trying to do here. But of the two choices you've apparently settled on I prefer Anastasia.

i like it, with a shot of tequila, and maybe a little grenadine and orange juice

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Call her Teressa Alexis and be done with the explanations

I prefer it in a regular sized shot, with a splash of rum.

Tressa is pretty.

I think Tess is a cute name.

Why are you posting this under Beer, Wine and Spirits?

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