I smoked a nic of weed, how long will it be in my system?!

Question: I smoked a nic of weed, how long will it be in my system?
Hii, I smoked a nic of weed between yesterday and today, this is my first time smoking weed in 2 years.

I'm wondering how long will thc be in my system since i havent smoked for so long. thanks


you shouldn't be worried about that unless your on probation. if you are, than it can take up to a month. however, the effects should only last a few hours. no matter how long its been since you last smoked, it still stays in your system for the same amount of time. if you have a faster metabolism the drug should actually leave your system faster than somebody with a slower metabolism (ex; if you are obese, the drug might stay longer) if you want to get it out of your system, ive heard there are certain tricks such as vinegar and cleansing pills that work. good luck!

Me and My friends

About a month or so, drink cranberry juice and it will get out of you system sooner!

It will be in your system for a day or two

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