Is the guy at chatroom correct? I spoke to him about something?!

Question: Is the guy at chatroom correct? I spoke to him about something?
I told a guy in a chat room how some people are telling me I drink a lot so will most likely die early cause of it and that I worry about what these people say and he said "well we all take some sort of risk in life but it doesn't neccessirly mean were gonna die it just means we are taking a risk, I smoke cigarettes for example and cause I choose to do this I might die early but I aint worried about this I am just living for the moment cause if I was going around worrying about this 24 7 then I would loose my mind I mean and you too if you keep worrying about the comments people tell you on yahoo and about dying earlier cause you drink a lot you will most likely get so worried that you will loose your mind and die of a stroke or a heart attack from worrying so much before you die of something else so if I were you I would stop worrying cause that will just speed up the process" and I said "but they tell me I will die early if I don't change how much I drink" he said "oh well people tell me I'm gonna die early if I don't quit smoking and I just ignore it thats what you should do too everyone takes some sort of risk in life everyone some people use drugs they could one day overdose on cocaine and die from it others eat a double or tripled hamburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner they could live till they're 90 or die next year from a heart attack due to that ridiculous diet so everyone takes a risk you even take a risk when you cross the street cause you can get hit by a car so just live your life and stop worrying no one knows when it's your time to go so just do whatever you want but stop worrying about it worrying wont change a thing worrying is also not good for your mind and body so just stop worrying about it and live your life life is short as it is and you never know when it will end so just quit the worries and you'll be ok" He told me everyone takes some sort of risk in life and I realize this is 100% correct and he told me to stop worrying about what others say or think is he correct?


Well, yes there are people who smoke and drink and live to be 90 or so, but that's because they have really good genes. The best way to think about it is to say alcohol is a poison (seeing as that's what your body treats it as). Like other poisons or drugs it causes you to feel delusional or tipsy, and your liver has to kick into overdrive to get the alcohol out of your system. If you keep doing this, over and over again, your liver will get weaker. Now if you were born with a good liver, you'll probably have no problem whatsoever. If you were born with an average to bad liver, you may screw yourself over.

Now yes, it's true that we'll all die eventually, but what's more important is how you die. The guy you were talking to? He'll keep smoking, then he'll have breathing issues, cough constantly, then eventually go on a breathing apparatus, and finally die. Now that's a pretty crappy way to die. So for someone who drinks a lot such as yourself, you have a greater chance of liver failure, so you would have a high chance of dying from poisoning or liver failure, and that's going to increase if you keep drinking constantly.

Also, drinking costs a lot of money, because since so many people drink it daily and are dependent on it, the government taxes the heck out of it, so they can get more money, and it's only going to go up from there.

I'm a biomedical sciences student



True, even crossing the road is a risk BUT drinking excessively GREATLY makes the chances of becoming seriously ill much higher. It's like someone taking heroin because "we all take risks". Why do something that will increase that risk? Nobody, and i mean NOBODY can drink excessively for a long period of time and survive till old age. There's only so much abuse your body can take. That guy might change his tune when he ends up with lung cancer. It sounds like you're looking for an excuse to carry on drinking and "we all take risks" is a poor one.

Of course abuse with alcohol is bad for health but it's a fact that there are many peoples that drink alcohol and live long. The alcohol is just another risk of the many. If you are serious abuser, thus, the risk is greater.
For the guy in the chat - well, there are a lot of peoples in the world, everybody have his opinion. This is just one of them.
It's best to decide for yourself how you feel about drinking. If you got a glass of whiskey per day it's almost ok, yes, it's not so good for the health but it's not fatal. If you've got half a bottle everyday then you have a problem.

misery loves company is what came ot my mind
that is the way he thinks
you ahve a brain of your ownt o think right?
do you think you should stop drinking?
your body and health is not a right but a privilege. you should take risks in life cause if nothing is ventured nothing is gained but doesnt mean you go all foolhardy.
occasionally drinkign is fine cause it is fun way to enjoy but nto always
respect your body

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