What is the absolute bestest beer ever made?!

Question: What is the absolute bestest beer ever made?
I'm talking about the kind of beer legends are made of. Like an ancient beer brewed by Dwarven masters in barrels made of gold and platinum poured from pitchers made from the most rare and valuable gems. The kind of beer kings and emperors go to war over.

I'm tired of drinking this Keystone pisswater.


I hear plain label generic beer is wonderful and easy on the pocketbook.

I shop at Vons

If you have dough to spend and are close enough to Chicago, there's a brewery there called Goose Island and they make a divine, nectar-of-the-Gods type Belgian brew called Sofie that is so delicate and delicious it's like drinking champagne made of beer.

If you'd prefer something more manly and not as expensive, Goose Island also makes a wheat ale (weissbier) called 312 that is my go to hands-down favorite. It's wondrous.

You can get Goose Island beers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and since Obama took office, in D.C. And I don't know where all else, but it's worth seeing if you can locate a few for yourself.

If you're not anywhere close to a bottle of Goose Island (how sad for you!) I go for Paulaner or Franziskaner.

As I have already written, this is an unanswerable question since nobody could try all the beers in the world to judge them. Even to try all the beers brewed in the UK (around 3,500) would be a full-time task for a couple of years, by which time there would doubless be some more.

Goose Island has been suggested as a good beer and I agree. Best sampled from the cask at the brewery, although their bottled beers are excellent. Other superb beers available in the USA include Fullers 1845 (UK); Dogfish Head (USA); Unibraue (Canada).

The simple rules for finding a fine beer are:

1. Avoid anything you've seen widely advertised - only the brewers of rubbish beers have to spend millions to persuade people to drink their junk.

2. Don't buy anything that is served from a luridly lit font carrying a well-known name.

3. If you can find handpumped beer, go for that.

4. If you are looking for beer in a liquor store, wend your way past the serried ranks of cans of Dudweiser, Swiller and Curse and look at the back shelves.

5. Never buy canned beer.

6. Choose beers with names you've never heard of.

Your search for the best beer will never end - but by golly you'll have some fun searching.

Fifty years of drinking beers all over the world.

If you've been drinking Keystone, you're probably in the Mid-Atlantic States.

What you need to do is to move up from Light Lagers to other Lagers and Ales.

And you need to differentiate between Session Beers for when you're sitting
in a bar or at home and plan to drink several beers, and Pleasure Beers
where the beer is so expensive you're only going to drink a bottle or two.

New Castle Brown Ale is a good Session Beer.
It is not the best beer ever made.
But it's a good place to start.

An affordable Pleasure Beer is Chimay Grande Reserve (~ $12/750ml).
In my rarely humble opinion, it is one of the best beers on this planet.

Look at www.bjcp.org/2008styles/catdex.php
It's a list of Beer, Mead, Cider, and Perry Styles.
Find beers that interest you and work your way up from there.

If you'd like to see how others rate a beer, try BeerAdvocate.com

Good luck!

Westvleteren 12 is widely regarded as the best beer in the world it is brewed by monks in belgium and is about 37 dollars a bottle.

Beer Drinker

The bestest beer ever? That's easy: it's the one you're currently drinking.

Guinness, of course! It's like a meal in a glass (or can, or bottle)...very filling!

Personal taste

Guinness extra stout or dragon drought

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