why does absinthe make you do weird things?!

Question: Why does absinthe make you do weird things?
So I had 2 shots of absinthe, this green drink... I know it's about 70% alcohol, as opposed to the typical 40% . . . But usually when I'm drunk, I still know what I'm doing. So anyways, after that, I can't remember a thing that happened that night! Apparently I drank the rest of the bottle, and I had no idea I did that. I'm surprised I survived that, lol! But of course I got sick after. Lesson learned; never drink absinthe.

But anyone notice the same? Why does it do that?


Tom P. is completely wrong. For example, Lucid, the most common brand of absinthe available in the US contains wormwood (and thujone) and has an ABV of 62% (no, not 70%, but close). You can buy it for $60.

That said, the effects of wormwood/thujone have been vastly overrated. The reason you got so effed up is from the high alcohol percentage entering your bloodstream so rapidly.

Sommelier, alcohol educator

Absinthe is a drink now made by Pernod or Columbier. It became popular in France back in 1865 because the wine grapes all died from a louse that ate the roots. Pyroxilla I think. In any case Absinthe was made by a lot of shady dealers and it had a poison in it that made it green. It was the French version of moonshine. In any case the type made today has none of the impurities that the old stuff had. It is made from wormwood. That same ingredient is found in Absorbine Jr. a tonic for rubbing on your back or your feet. Worm wood kills athletes foot.
The reason it hit you so hard is that it is 70% by volume and you went nuts drinking it. The reason it was outlawed was due to the wine industry putting out a lot of false information in order to get it off the market. They claimed opium was in it and other drugs. This was not true. It is now legal everywhere. It wasn't in the US until recently.

Weezy is a bit out of date here. They haven't allowed wormwood in absinthe for about 100 years. He's quite right about the amount, though

Also, unless you had some special absinthe then it wouldn't have been anything like 70%. The cost of a bottle that far overproof would be several hundred dollars.

As for why you felt bad, there are just too many variables: smoking, ate something bad, your amusing mates spikes the absinthe, etc. etc.

you didnt drink the rest of the bottle. whoever told you that is an idiot. drinking an entire bottle of 70% alcohol wont make you sick. it will kill you. most people cant even drink an entire bottle of 40% alcohol and not end up in the hospital or dead.
anyway it makes you do weird stuff because it has wormwood, a hallucinogen, in it.

Alcohol concentration is too high
You can easily get lost in alcohol

Freaking wormwood makes you hallucinate...acid trip in a bottle

Possibly there are roofies in the bottle

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