I have been celibate ,drugfree and teetotal for a year tomorrow?!

Question: I have been celibate ,drugfree and teetotal for a year tomorrow?
thats the truth!.. I told all my friends that I would and I have,,,,After living like this for so long I'm not sureI want to go back to my old ways..so what do I do? go on a drink/drug crazed se fest or carry on living like a saint??I will honestly go with the majority(for the next week at least!) so answer with caution!


I'm sorry you missed THE party, All the girls were asking about you. You stay right where you are. I'll take up your slack

How about just living the way the majority of people do?
ie. Dating with accompanying sexual relations at whatever speed you feel is appropriate, alcohol in moderation/occasionally, no hard drugs.

It doesn't have to be black or white issue.

If being saintly is what will make you happy, then do that. I really can't recommend binging on everything for a week though.

Do what is going to make you happy.
You don't have to go from one extreme to the other but I'm sure you will have noticed the difference when you stopped drinking and drug taking.
It's your choice, nobody else's.

Whatever makes you happy....obviously the saintly ways are healthier..

Well i guess I am a saint then. I suggest you continue with the 'saint' life.

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