What is the best Scotch under $35?!

Question: What is the best Scotch under $35?
I have tried J&B, Dewars, and Johnny Walker red label and black label. I like the black label best above all the others, but am trying to keep an open mind.


"Johnny Walker Blue Label" is the only scotch that I drink.

edit: this link may be helpful

Look for Tamdhu, it's a single malt scotch whiskey for about $20. It's a pretty good everyday sort of scotch, not too special but probably the best for the value.

My scotch drinking friends say get single malt and try all of them that you can afford. Order by the drink at a bar that stocks a lot of brands before you invest for a whole bottle. I hope one would last you awhile.

i'd say hop-scotch. the chalk should cost far under $35.00. just don't trip over your own feet and fall down, or someone will think you are drunk.

You could get a pint of Chivas Regal for like 25 bucks....

Its a top qualty blended scotch

unfortunately the best scotches are over 100$

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