Why do some people tolerate alcohol?!

Question: Why do some people tolerate alcohol?
better than others? How can someone prevent from getting drunk? Last night I had a glass of porto, then a chimay blue beer & then a J?germeister. I had eaten well but still it bothered me. Was it a bad mix? And how to get over a hangover?


it just depends on your constitution for example if i bleached my hair and so did you for the same period of time with the same product the result would still be different because we have different genetics just like some people smoke sixty a day and never get ill others never smoke but still get cancer its all predeclared in your genetic make up.
For the hangover i suggest a wholesome meal like wholemeal bread salad cheese and lots of cold water
and get some sleep x

Drinking on an empty stomach will severely lower your tolerance for alcohol. Weight and the frequency that you drink also factors in to your tolerance.

To get over a hangover, first of all, make sure you have something to eat before you go to sleep. There is no one answer that seems to work for everyone, but be sure to have something with B12 before you go to sleep or when you wake up such as a vitamin water. Also drink A LOT of water when you wake up, dehydration is the number one factor in hangovers.

Hope this helps :).

It is partially genetic.

European peoples have been using alcohol for a long time and have evolved accordingly.

American indians, Asians, etc have only been exposed to alcohol for the last few centuries.

Here is a quote from wikipedia

"The tolerance to alcohol is not equally distributed throughout the world's population, and genetics of alcohol dehydrogenase indicate resistance has arisen independently in different ethnic groups.[2] People of European descent on average have a high alcohol tolerance and are less likely to develop alcoholism compared to Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans and some East Asian groups.[3][4][5] This is related to an average higher body mass, but also to the prevalence of high levels of alcohol dehydrogenase in the population.[6][7] The high alcohol tolerance in Europeans and some other ethnic groups has probably evolved as a consequence of centuries of exposure to alcohol in established agricultural societies.[8][2]

"Not all differences in tolerance can be traced to biochemistry.[9] Differences in tolerance levels are also influenced by socio-economic and cultural difference including diet, average body weight and patterns of consumption.[10][11]

"An estimated one out of three people in East Asian countries have an alcohol flush reaction, a condition where the body cannot break down ingested alcohol completely because it lacks the genetically coded enzyme that performs this function in the bodies of drinkers with "European" tolerance levels.[12] Flushing, or blushing, is associated with the erythema (reddening caused by dilation of capillaries) of the face, neck, and shoulder, after consumption of alcohol"

Some times it just runs in the family. Poor drunk bastards. You didn't drink enough. Drink a few Bahama mama's, have a high percent of alcohol. It probably was a bad mix. Stick with the same type of flavor, don't go bitter to sweet to raw. It tastes like goose ****.

you have to build up a tolerance, but i also believe some people just have low tolerance. for instance, my brother gets drunk off two beers, i can drink a six pack and not get drunk. i don't think you had a bad mix i think you just a cheap drunk lol.

First off hangover drink like 3-4 8oz glasses of water before you lay down .. Im 22 and my brother is 28 and i can drink way more than him. And usually about 3 shots later he's practially drunk so ..

You have a hangover because of what you mixed. J?germeister is some rough stuff. Ouch.
It will go away.

cause they got big *****.

fo real, it's da truth

Some people are lightweights.

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