What are the Health Effects of drinking Diet Coke and Vodka?!

Question: What are the Health Effects of drinking Diet Coke and Vodka?
I drink like 15 units of Vodka mixed with Diet Coke like 4-5 times a week. I was wondering what the health effects (besides the obvious of liver damage) are, and if there are healthier mixers to use with Vodka



Orange juice is always a good mixer with vodka if you don't mind the added calories. (The vitamin C is a plus). There shouldn't be any health effects associated with drinking that combination other than the obvious effects of consuming ethyl alcohol. (which by itself doesn't actually kill brains cells btw, this was prohibition propaganda). Diet coke is perfectly safe. Artificial sweeteners are not bad for you. Diet and vodka, rum, whiskey, gin etc is a popular combo. Just remember that vodka and most other spirits have about 100 cal per shot. People often forget this. As a side note Im not sure what unit of measurement a "unit" is. A shot perhaps? Don't forget to take some time off from drinking every once and a while if you tend to do some binge drinking. Your liver can repair itself extraordinarily quick. If everything in your body healed at the same rate people would live to be an average of 160. Prost!

I enjoy drinking with good friends and family.

Trouble is with nutrition a lot of the clinical "evidence" is a little well questionable. Though there are some well trusted peer review articles which suggest a link between lower bone density and phosphoric acid and possibly kidney diseases. Sweeteners, on the other hand has only rather dubious evidence towards their harmfulness. May I suggest, orange juice would be a sensible alternative.

Nonetheless the liver damage far outweighs your concerns about diet coke.

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Orange juice tastes better with Vodka and grapefruit is good especially if you salt the rim.
You sound like my kind of drinker. Why waste time sippin on a Tom Collins when you can throw back a few screwdrivers. Me; I prefer to order two or three doubles at a time, that way I don't over work the bartender having to keep coming back.
I tip him real good too so when It gets busy; I still get mine on time.

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@Zwisslb - Really liked your answer but vodka actually has about 60 calories per shot, the lowest of all the spirits. You are too right about the orange juice mixer.

Also might I add, it has the least amount of toxins therefore less chance of hangovers.

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For starters Coke rots your stomach and teeth and can cause diabetes and secondly Volka can damage your body everywhere including your brain cells, i suggest u quit and drink sensibly like drinking decaf tea or herbal teas.

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