Is this a good plan for stealing cigs?!

Question: Is this a good plan for stealing cigs?
Me and three friends will walk to walgreens. One of my friends will go in first and distract the cashier to the other side of the store. Then me and my other friend will come in. I will have a wallet in my hand, she will playfully snatch it from me and throw it behind the counter where the cigs are. The cashier won't be there, so I will go back and get my wallet and a carton of cigarettes too. I will put the carton in my jacket,which is very thick, me and my friends will then leave.


Jesus loves you, and he is always watching you :)

a better plan would be instead of your two friends go with an identity forger, a chemist who concocts the powerful sedative needed to stabilize the layers of the shared dream and a young student architect to design the labyrinth of the dream landscapes.
When the cashier falls asleep, enter her dream, or her dream within her dream if you got the time, then plant the idea that cartons of cigarettes are free, and so are Doritos. then ring the service bell until she wakes up and collect!
thats what i did last week

That's a horrible plan. You'd have a better chance getting cigarettes by asking the cashier if you could have them for free. Dude just buy them, it's really not that expensive. :P

Smoker, common sense.

No, it isn't a good plan. Theft is wrong! How would you feel if someone stole something from you?

It morally wrong and legally wrong. Being arrested for shoplifting could leave you with a criminal record which could haunt you the rest of your life!

Just make sure your hair is done nicely cos when the cops pick you up and do the mug shot you really should be looking your best, you wouldn't want anyone seeing your mugshot to think you were a criminal now would you

Thats how I stole a girls virginity. Distracted her and a mate tossed a wallet in her. Never found the wallet though

ahahahaha, that is hilarious.

Yeah totally bro. No really, that's genius. You're a smart fella.

Make it more intricate :T And get me a pack too~

Wow. That's the best you could come up with?

No, it is not..

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