wedding tables, wine bottles opened or no?!

Question: Wedding tables, wine bottles opened or no?
We:re placing a bottle or two on each table for wedding guests. Should the bottles be opened on the table? Or should they be left corked and uncorked by the guests as they're ready?


Opened, for convenience, not aeration.

I'm a sommelier.

you could buy the kind with the screw top so that they remain closed but are easier to open by guests. If not, i would say keep the sealed, having a bottle sitting open would be weird, and if they don't drink it then there's just an opened bottle sitting there all night. Also, it could spill. Mostly, I think I would just feel weird if the bottle was sitting on the table open. Leave a corkscrew somewhere for them to use

Opened unless u have waiters to open them ..u don't want some old relative to make a fool of themselves when thay fumble around and drop the bottle ...also some say good wines need to breath before serving so if u have the $ get wine decanters

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