Why does it say on a chewing tobacco can...?!

Question: Why does it say on a chewing tobacco can...?
This product is not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes ? Why doesn't it say on a cigarrete pack "this product is not a safe alternative to chewing tobacco"? Is chewing tabacco safer than smoking cigarretes?


What people hear everywhere is that smoking is bad. They generally hear a little about chewing tobacco, but smoking is the big no-no. Therefore, instead of smoking, they might think that it is okay to use chewing tobacco instead: The warning is on there to inform people that it is not safer than smoking, it is not good!

No, it is not safer than cigarettes. Some have argued that it is worse because it has a higher cancer rate, and is more direct.

On a cigarette pack, it should say that it isn't a safe alternative, but people think that tobacco is the alternative to smoking, not the other way around ... People are stupid.

Myself and health class.

Chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer. Cigarettes can cause lung cancer. Both of them can cause people to get serious medical issues.

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