What type of Tea You prefer the most?!

Question: What type of Tea You prefer the most?
Such as Normal Tea, Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, .......................... etc.

I Love to have Mint with Almond and Lemon crushed with apples (Taiwan) Tea.


my best is green tea with slice of lemon and mint.... and for better taste to be is to make it ice-tea ...
try it and you will LOVE IT....

Earl grey in winter, lady grey in summer. when i can't get that, lipton green tea mandarin orange. plain or with a pinch of agave or raw sugar.

Darjeeling or Billy Tea.

Normal tea, with ginger and tulsi leaves....

I love to drink cardamom tea with ginger in it. If you add Lamsa the extra flavor is even better

I love the blueberry tea from Tealuxe.

This doesn't belong in Beer, Wine and Spirits.

ginger tea is good for health. but for me i like normal tea.

Normal tea without Sugar and milk.

The best tea ever is pure Black Tea, no sugar, no milk, just plain simple black tea!

always a hot tea..i try to drink green mostly, but i buy other healthy tea too

green tea

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