what is curacao and what is it made of?!

Question: What is curacao and what is it made of?
I like the recipes i read that i can make with and have tried them in bars. But still curious on what is it really. Where can i find it.


Curacao is a liqueur with an orange flavor. It's name comes from the carribean island where it originated. Spanish invaders tried to cultivate valencia oranges there, but the trees only produced very bitter fruit because of the poor soil. It was discovered that the essence of the rind of this fruit was incredibly aromatic. They continued to grow the trees into their own cultivar called lahara oranges.

In the USA you will probably only find bottom shelf sugar confections available, marketed as curacao. True curacao is fairly bitter, much less sweet and more intensely citrus than the curacaos available in the states. You should find some brand of curacao in any liquor store, as it is a cocktail staple. Bols has made headway in monopolizing shelf space in many areas, so you should be able to find that brand, and any brand will do, even Dekuyper if that's all that you can get.

Be aware that while Bols (and DeKuyper) is total crap in america, the same company sells much better product in europe, and possibly even canada (not sure). This is true for many brands of liquors and liqueurs. Also The blue is the same as the regular except for food coloring- one is as good as the other.

Good luck and many happy blue hawiians to you.

there is both BLUE and ORANGE curacao liqueurs
these are basically citrus-based, sweetened alcoholic beverages used in many cocktails.


Do you mean Blue Curacao? An orange liquor that is artificially flavored blue that is a product of the island Curacao

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