What's the best way to smuggle a girl inside your house?!

Question: What's the best way to smuggle a girl inside your house?
my parents said there is to be no monkey business but she's so hot.


Steal Daddy's Am Ex card and make a reservation at the Ramada Inn !

If ur parents are heavy sleepers this might help my brother has done it a zillion times get the chick to come to your house at aroud12 or a little after ur parents are sleeping then just take her to your room and if your parents wake up stash her under the bead or any other place w her stuff and pretend to be sleeping

depending on the layout of the house I would say distract them as she sneaks from the basement to your room. The basement is the easiest way to enter the house because people rarely go there and it is the least dangerous because there is no climbing involved.

This is how we do it in my country, when we want to smuggle stuff: we bribe the customs officers. Try bribing your father. He'll understand.

Make a distraction. Give it to her hard. Don't listen to haters, do what feels good.

try sneaking out and meeting up

dont do it and stop taking drugs

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