Is jose cuervo supposed to taste like rubbing alcohol?!

Question: Is jose cuervo supposed to taste like rubbing alcohol?
I drank some& it tastes like rubbing alcohol. Im wondering if thts actually how it tastes or if im drinking actual rubbing alcohol.


rubbing alcohol will kill you. Most (because they do make a fantastic high end tequila) uervo is terrible, so its hard to tell the difference. to the unexperienced tequila tastes like paint thinner. it should be smooth like a fine scotch

If you're drinking Cuervo Gold, then yes. It's got so little agave in it that it's not even legally tequila, it's mixto.

I'm a sommelier.

Which Jose Cuervo tequila are you drinking? The white is quite a bit rougher than the aged. I like tequila, but Jose Cuervo is not one of my favorites.

That is basically what it is. Same with vodka.

If you want something with flavor, try whiskey or rum.

Most Cuervo is mass-market weasel piss. Yes, it really does taste like that.

yeah, its a piss drink.

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