Do people say the truth when they are drunk?!

Question: Do people say the truth when they are drunk?
like everytime i go out with my really close guy friend of mine who by the way i really really like and i know he fancies me too but we are both really scared to make the first move so we both just ignore it and just be best mates. but when we have a few too drink it all comes out..we both just get really touchy touchy and flirt and basiaclly get really effectionate with each other to the point where he ends up telling me he loves me and how im so hot and how im his number 1 girl etc etc and also he asks me to try him LOL...(someting i know he b=never admit when he is sober) so is he telling the truth??


Most people will only do when drunk what is in their nature to do when sober. If you really like him and him you, you might be missing a great opportunity to be with someone who already knows you and still loves you. The same with you about him you know him and you have strong feelings for him. So why not be drunk in love, Oh that last part sounded so stupid but you know what I mean.

It lowers your inhibitions. Thus, you feel more free to express your true feelings without worrying about rejection or does the other one feel the same way. I don't think I'd go for more passion until the things he expresses come out while he's sober. There is a chance he's just using the drinking to cop a quick feel or some easy sex.

This was answered a few days ago. Alcohol releases people's inhibitions and one inhibited behaviour is that of telling the truth on all occasions. You can't be 100% sure - but, as Pliny said, "In vino veritas" (in wine there is truth).

Yes the truth being every male wants into any females pants. If you understand which truth is revealed and you are fine with that, then jump that lumpy mule.

If you think you are special to him then you are in for the big hurt.

It would help if you say whether you are 12 or 24.

Depends on the person. A lot of immature / irresponsible drinkers (regardless of age)
become more emotional + talkative as they drink. But it obviously doesn't apply to all

Depends. Some will say too much, some will exaggerate, some will become silent as a rock. If you like him, make your move when both of you are still sober.

Ya they do well I think cause they got no control

My friends

Sometimes and sometimes not. People can lie when they are drunk.


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