Would I be able to buy cigarettes?!

Question: Would I be able to buy cigarettes?
I'm 15 but I look much older and act more mature. I was once given champagne by a waiter at my sister's rehearsal dinner and another time a man bought me a glass of wine. So I think it's fair to say that I look 21 at least. The gas station I had my eye on to buy some cigarettes is one of those out of the way, small, unkempt places. Do you think that if I ask the cashier if I could have some cigarettes and just say I forgot my id, would they let me buy them?


Sweetie you don't look 21, no matter how much make-up you wear or how small your skirts are. People can always tell when a teenager is looking/trying to act much older than they are. We've all been there. And if you are 15 and look 21, then you're screwed. Because no girl wants to look 6 years older than her real age when she hits her 20s.

First Why do you want to smoke.? Expensive way to get very, very sick. Second gas station probably has security cameras. If they don't catch you/ just think what might happen to the cashier.
Hand cuffs - taken to jail - loss of job and blacklisted. I trust your mommy and daddy have plenty cash to pay for your habit.

Absolutely not .. law is law, besides smoking / drinking is harmful to your health.

It also worries me that you are possibly either dressing, talking or acting in such
a way that it attracts the attention of significantly older men. You are a kid toots.

It's illegal to sell smokes to a minor. Plus smoking is an expensive nasty addictive habit that is hard to break, you'll totally destroy your health. Stay away from cigarettes and keep healthy, and keep your money.

no. because the person selling you the cigerattes would get fired if they sold it to you without a ID.

Selling cigerretes to minors is also illegal

100% the time you will need an id or no sale.

ps- try asking someone to buy it for you?

I did that when I was nine, and I smoke a pack a day. I also drink a six pack a day. I'm in perfect health.

Too bad the doctor says I'm going to have to lose a lung...

You don't seem that mature. Just because some people gave you some wine and champagne doesn't say that you should smoke.

Why would you want to buy cigarettes anyway? It's not really worth the trouble you could get in.

gross.. your onlyy 15 how bout you dont smoke


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