what would you do for a klondike bar?!

Question: What would you do for a klondike bar?


i asked this a few days ago hahahahaha and someone also said they would do my momma

Give Chuck Norris a mean look behind his back and pray he blinked

Let a penguin guide me through the Sahara

Put a ton of skiing gear and wear like I'm about to go down a hill,
but go in the middle of Toronto and say "where's the snow"

Jump out of a plane with a wood parachute

Listen to Friday.... live

Wear an Eagle Costume and go into a Canadian hockey game and tell them that their beer sucks

Drink Diet Pepsi

Watch the Mario Bros. Movie in HD Surround Sound with THX Quality

Watch Finding Nemo

Drive a car in India

Move to Alaska and become gay.

Minty and cold.

nothing, they're alright if they're in my fridge if my parents buy them but all I would do is get them out of the freezer =]


I would report this question for being pointless rubbish,and in the wrong section

I'd just eat it.

The Fuplers- Matt Koval

Buy one at the store.

Ask for one

I've never understood the appeal of those. They aren't any good

...I'd "do" you ! or your mother !

ur momma

Nothing to drastic; I don't actually like them too much >_>

I tried one a few years ago. It was not very good.

Its its are much better.

get a job because I reaLLY need one very bad

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