If drinking alcohol is truly forbidden, why did Jesus turn water into wine?!

Question: If drinking alcohol is truly forbidden, why did Jesus turn water into wine?
There is a misconception by some members of the Christian faith that the intake of alcohol of any kind is forbidden, which is totally untrue. Case in point, there was an occasion in the bible when Jesus turned water into wine and let's not forget that wine was also consumed at the Last Supper and represented the blood of Christ. As with everything else the key term we should all remember is moderation. Even common everything such as eating (the sin of gluttony) and sleeping (the sin of sloth) can be sins when done extensively. As Christians we should not be to quick to judge and label someone a sinner just because we see them drinking a glass of wine or a can of beer. However, a person should always use good judgement and common sense and Never consume alcoholic beverages with the intent of getting drunk or high, for this is the point where drinking becomes sinful in nature and contradicts scripture. Peace and God bless.


It's not forbidden to drink, but to get drunk is.

It would be smart not too especially if you have an addictive personality or gene, but its not forbidden.

otherwise, its fine if you use limitations.

Christians can drink.

At the Catholic mass the priest takes a sip of wine.

There is nothing in the bible that forbids drinking. There are parts that promote drinking and parts that are against it. All in all, christians can drink.

Most denominations will tell you that drunkenness however is a sin, like gluttony.

So drink it but don't get drunk, not bad advice really..

You're absolutely right; I agree with you! Don't know what else to add to that, except that there are many contradictions (and opportunities to encourage unreasonable judgment) in organized religion, especially Christianity, that can be found when you really think about it!

Getting drunk is forbidden, not drinking. Alcohol was an important beverage back in those days because it was more sanitary than water.

If the intent of getting drunk is wrong then why drink alcohol?
The only reason anyone would want to drink alcohol is to feel different. Not like people just like it for taste.

He changed water to wine at Cana because he had forgotten to bring a wedding present.


I don't believe that drinking alcohol is a sin but I agree with you that it becomes a sin when the intention to drink is to become drunk.

I very rarely drink myself frankly because I don't enjoy the taste of it. I only drink on occasions to ward off a cold or infection in my body, and if the alcohol goes to my head I make sure I stay at home and not do anything to the point that it passes out of my body.

Because I'm not used to to it, (drinking) it only takes a glass or two of wine before it goes to my head so obviously I have to be careful.

Maybe I will drink one glass of wine with food at a social function.

I bet He turned it into some really lame wine, something horrible like Lambrusco or some God-awful Californian unpleasantness... think Julio Gallo. If He had turned it into something delicious like Chateau Musar then the Romans would never have crucified him.

Why does the asker ask a question that they already think they have the answer to? Is it to stir debate? No. It's because they're pushing their religious agenda on to others by using very crude marketing techniques. Why are they doing this? Because, like most preachers, they don't have much faith in what they are preaching, and so they hope that if they can convince others that there is truth in their words, then it might strengthen their own faith. Unfortunately, it won't.

Religion is a personal thing. There are no points to be scored by convincing others. Believe in what you believe in because it means something to you, because it matters to you. Leave everyone else to find their own path and to draw their own conclusions.

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