Hmmmmmm???? What do you think?!

Question: Hmmmmmm???? What do you think?
I'm sorry if this is kinda long but I need help please and I'll answer yours too if you leave a link. Ok so 2 of my friends have told me that I would be cute with my guy friend Austin. Austin is my friend that I met this year. I have a small school with maybe 100 kids in each grade so Ik everyonein my grade. Austin is in pretty much all of my classes and sits near me in every class. Before class starts we usally goof off and stuff and in music he sits right next to me in a long table and we play guitars and he allways has to have every note perfect so I call him the next famous guitar artist. Were friends but he is also friends with the preps in my grade and me and my friends hate the preps and they hate us so say that I ever liked Austin, it would be weird you know cuz he likes them (as friends). he also dated Emily (one of them) in 6th grade. Austin is taller then me. And I'm shorter. I'm short anyways lol and he always picks on my calling me baja in Spanish it means short. We are always making jokes and stuff. Austin likes sports and is very sporty but I don't do sports. I run track and cross country. Were also in 8th grade 13-14 years old. In the beging of the school year he was likeing everything I liked example: the show chowder and super Mario bros. And he draws stick cats now cuz I drew one for Spanish (lol we had to draw a cat). And my friend Alyssa I'd trying to talk me into liking him lol and when ever she sees me and him together she says "ooo you and Austin!" and I just smile and say "shut up" but he doesn't hear it cuz it's after he's gone. haha this is longer then I wanted it to be but I just wanted to know what you thought. Thank you soooo much!


Don't let any preppy girl's get in the way of what you truly want!! He seem's like a nice boy and i think you should date him just be loyal to your principals!

If you like him try dating him. As for your friends, you'll figure that out if it works out.

Date him. Dude seems legit.

If you really like him , go for date then.

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