Why do I find it so hard to drink water?!

Question: Why do I find it so hard to drink water?
Sorry, I feel really silly asking this, but it's starting to annoy me.

I really can't stand water, for some reason. I've tried sipping little bits from a cup, but I keep retching and sometimes I bring it straight back up. When I manage to keep it down, I always feel a little unwell.
I've tried high juices etc, but I hate them because ther're full of chemicals. I mostly drink fruit juices (not from concentrate), but they are sticky and make me thirsty.

Any tips? If it's a physcological thing, how can I overcome it? I really want to be able to just drink a glass of water when I'm thirsty.



Try adding a little lemon to it. I have a hard time drinking water too. Not that it makes me sick, it just doesn't have any taste.

I am 100 percent sure it is psychological. Try drinking teas, hot and cold depending on what you like. Also, water is pretty darn bland and unappealing when it is warm, or luke-warm. Try some ice cubes and let it sit for a few minutes, or fill up a pitcher with water. Honestly I would just keep forcing yourself to try it because not having enough liquid can seriously hamper your lifestyle; loss of energy, poor metabolism, weak immune system are all possible side effect. Best of luck with your problem.

I lovvvveee drinking water. Try putting some lemon juice or flavored powder in the water then everytime you drink this, add less and less powder until you are left with just water. I hope you understand what I'm saying. That might help. Also, try exercising so you will become really thirsty and have an urge to drink something. Hope. I helped!

Maybe the water in your area is filthy contaminated water.

Have you tried some bottled water? And not that tonic water, perrier junk!

It's rabies, love.

Was that squirrel in the park a little bitey?

They've got a new thing for rabies. One woman actually survived it.

Plain water tends to make me queasy as well. I think, for me, it's psychological.

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