What was the big deal with pate` some years ago?!

Question: What was the big deal with pate` some years ago?
I remember a lot of people saying how they weren't going to eat it for some reason or another.


It's not cruel. It sounds cruel when you hear "force-fed goose" (the first time I heard that I freaked because I pictured some guy shoving food down the poor gooses neck). But all it means is that they are including certain things in the goose's normal diet that make the liver have a more pleasant taste.

PETA are over-zealous idiots who enjoy stirring up trouble for attention, and usually end up doing some pretty stupid things that result in hurting animals anyway.

It's cruel !


It was only the traditional pate de fois gras, produced by force-feeding geese. Other pates are produced humanely and can be just as tasty, I think.

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