Minors trying to get cigarettes?!

Question: Minors trying to get cigarettes?
ok, I live in Michigan just in case the laws vary by state - but here is the deal: This neighbor boy who is about 15 or 16 years old knocks on my door all the time asking for cigarettes. I don't even smoke (though i have friends who come over and do smoke) and he comes by all the time. There was times he has knocked on the door past midnight or at 6:30 in the morning. It is extremely annoying. He offers me money and I always tell him FIRMLY that I don't smoke and not to come by and ask for cigarettes, and even if i had them i wouldn't give them to a little kid ANYway. And i tried telling his mother, she doesnt care or do anything about it. Sometimes he will send someone else over to ask for him (another kid). What should i do about this. I have tried telling him NOT to come over anymore.

Could he be in trouble by the police?


get a ak 47 and shoot him when he knocks

You need to go knock on his parents door and explain to his mother that you will call the police the next time he knocks on your door.

Stick pictures up all over your house of the effects of smoking (e.g. tar in lungs, brain damage) or dress up like a big cigarette and stalk him until he gets so scarred he never touches one again :)

Just dont answer the door for him anymore.

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