In ur opinion whats the best rum?!

Question: In ur opinion whats the best rum?

Pussers.... No contest.

Lifeboat rum, issued to the RNLI for survivors. (Unfortunately you have to rescued at sea before they give you any.)
Of the commercial stuff, Morgans Spiced is hard to beat, Lambs 101 is a very close second.
Four Bells is (was) excellent Rum, but I haven't seen it anywhere in the UK or years.

Morton`s Old Vatted Demerara (O.V.D.) by far and away the best because it`s matured in huge oak barrels and its not got any caramel in it, made solely from Demarara Cane Sugar !

mount gay rum which is a beautiful golden coloured caribbean rum.


this cuban rum is soooo nice and smooth :)

Bundaberg O.P. would have to be Bacardi.


Bundaberg cant beat it

I like vodka more,

The one that is bought for you!

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