Liquor License In Britain...?!

Question: Liquor License In Britain...?
I am moving to England on a work visa and opening a restaurant. My restaurant is a takeaway, so, what are the drinking laws? Can you sell drink at takeaways?


In the UK you can apply for either a On licence or a OFF licence, the difference being that a On licence customers can consume alcohol on the premises and a off licence customers can only consume the alcohol off your premises. To get any of these licences you have to take exams and apply for the licence.

Generally though I don't think I've ever seen a takeaway sell alcohol before.

For a take away you need an off sales license.

To get this you need to be known locally as a person of good repute and apply to the loca magistrates courts.


The law has recently been changed and people from outside the EU can no longer move to the UK to work in restaurants.

This is to cut down the number of immigrants coming here to those with skills that are needed, rather than coming here on a temporary visa and then disappearing while doing low paid work in takeaways etc.

I would think you might be able to get an off-sales licence for a takeway - but that will depend on the local licensing authorities. You need to get in touch with your local council.

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