Can Vodka Go 'Flat' if opened?!

Question: Can Vodka Go 'Flat' if opened?
I dont know if 'flat' is the right word for it but basically, if I open regular vodka now but dont use again for a few weeks, will anything happen to it? (i.e taste different, etc.) Thanx xx


Only carbonated beverages go flat. But, like many alcoholic beverages, it can, if not capped,caramelize, where some of the lighter liquid will evaporate, and leave a bitter taste.

As a prior tavern owner, this has happened a few times with underselling liquor left on the back bar with the pourers left in.
It takes a few months to notice any difference

Nothing. You can age vodka for years. Opening it has nothing to do with anything. Vodka isn't canned. It's not refrigerated. It's not in an air-tight container... You can keep it for years and years.

I used to own a bar

Distilled spirits don't change once bottled. They may evaporate somewhat, but it takes tens of years if they aren't directly exposed to oxygen (no cap, pourer).

I'm a sommelier and alcohol educator

no vodka isnt carbonated so it cant get flat. you can keep vodka for years & it can still taste fine its ok.

No of course not

I am alive



Keep it in the freezer


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