Will this much alcohol damage my health?!

Question: Will this much alcohol damage my health?
I've drunken the equivalent of about a bottle of wine or a six pack nearly every night for about a year. Will my liver be shot? I'm 19 now and still doing this.


Alcohol is equivalent to ethanol or bacteria waste. Wine is made from rusted fruit which you throw away, usually sour grapes.

How is rusted fruit, petrol, bacteria waste good for human body? Tell me which benefits it can have?

In fact alcohol according to statics and pharmacological studies is worse than ecstasy (n.b. studies are still going on to see how bad alcohol is).

Alcohol reduces your intake of certain vitamins and makes you less hungry. It also causing your stomach to expand cause of the swelling on your organs. Certain parts of metabolism are affected. The worse thing which is affected is your brain. Not only this recent studies show men who drink a lot can start to be more female due to the chemicals which affect male hormones.

If you can cope with the stuff above, and you know the outcome will be some sort of tumour and a swelled up stomach, then go for it :) but if this scared you, then why risk this precious life God gave us?

I mean you can drink but not alot of it, its just like eating too much chocolate cake and asking will I get fat?

A bottle of wine or an average six pack contains 9 units of alcohol, that's 63 units per week, the recommended safety limit for men is 21 units a week with no more than four of those units in any one day so you are obviously risking severe liver damage as well as other serious medical conditions.


Only you can decide if you want to kill yourself, if you have tried to stop and can't, you need to contact Alcoholics Anonymous.

Al;cohol rehab employee

That is a bit excessive for every day. I would be inclined to cut down a bit or, at the very least, try to have a day or two a week without drinking to give your liver a rest.

Obviously, it is going to do damage. I suggest STOPPING.

I'm 14 and have better common sense.

That kind of drinking affects your liver and your brain.

Pickled and youll be retarted soon . Party on.

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