Why are some people on here so rude?!

Question: Why are some people on here so rude?
How come sometimes when you ask a question on here people give smartty pants answers??


Ignore those people. They're just trying to gain some self esteem (but totally doing the opposite) by exerting power over people, and acting superior.

In my country, the smartypants are not things to be put in your closet. You wear them to the party, and then they are the partypants.

Seriously, though - two reasons:
1. Just as the asker has the freedom to ask questions that answerers might consider to be without merit, the answerer has the freedom to respond in a way that the asker finds unhelpful to their specific needs. That is what the rating system is for, and this is why none of us is getting paid to respond.
2. They're answering drunk on a Saturday night and that's when comedy GOLD happens.

Maybe its because people keep asking questions in a category that has nothing to do with their question.

LOL...that's beautiful. really. that's classic...lol

they are probably drunk

Beer, Wine & Spirits channel

Because they don't have a life :)

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