-poll- Do you like Dos Equis Amber beer ..?!

Question: -poll- Do you like Dos Equis Amber beer ..?
Many people I know who drink 2X Lager (green bottle) take a lime with it. If I decide to
bring 2 Equis AMBER to a bbq do you think I should bring limes or is it not necessary


The beer is good alone, but lime always adds a bit of tang, which enhances the flavor.

I suppose it's a bit better than the likes of Miller or Coors - but it's a pretty mundane beer - with or without a chunk of lime stuck in the neck of the bottle.

Do yourself a favour and buy some proper beer.

Yes, bring limes. Mexican beer rule.

Dos Equis Amber stands on it's own merit. However, many people like a hint of lime with it.

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