is black coffee good for you?!

Question: Is black coffee good for you?
im 16, i drink like 3-4 cups a day. 4 at max.

nothing in it, but maybe some ice to cool it down so it doesnt burn as bad.

i always heard that it was healthy, but then ive heard that your not supposed to drink it at a younge age, because it "stunts your growth."

is this true? am i okay to be drinking it? i drink coffee and water throughout the day. so i dont have to drink soft drinks...



at 16 coffee isn't that bad anymore, and 3/4 cups a day isn't a lot.. so don't worry about it and enjoy the coffee!!!

It stains your teeth too, so brush twice or 3 times a day!! That's a lot of caffeine though. Your body tries to break it down and use all the energy you're feeding it, but it's unhealthy to drink 4 cups a day. Try drinking one. Do you drink it for the taste or for energy? Hot tea is really good for you. Maybe you should switch to that. You can get it in soo many delicious flavors too!

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