What does Jack Daniels with coke taste like?!

Question: What does Jack Daniels with coke taste like?
Also how different does it taste compared to just drinking Jack D plain?


Like crap.

Syrupy and sweet. The whiskey mixing makes the soda flat. It still burns but its really unappealing. Its a drink for people who don't wanna taste alcohol but don't know what else to order....

Honestly Jack and Coke is one of the worst mixed drink out there....

Have a Bloody Mary instead but make sure they make it fresh, none of that bottled mixer stuff....much more refreshing, tastier and healthier for you..

I don't think Coke is the best mixer for Jack, to be honest. I think Jack tastes pretty good straight, at least compared to other liquors. But I just don't think it mixes well with coke. Ginger ale and sprite go better with Jack Daniels, in my opinion. If you're feeling up to something a little different, I also think Jack and orange juice is pretty good as well.

It tastes of warm bubblegum, I know this sounds odd but it becomes very sweet.

seriously? taste coke then taste jack and BAM you have your answer.

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