how long will a half full 40oz of beer last if i cap it and put it in the fridge?!

Question: How long will a half full 40oz of beer last if i cap it and put it in the fridge?
thanks yall


It's probably getting pretty flat by now, but I'm sure since you buy the kind of beer that comes in that large bottle, it won't matter to you. Drink it tomorrow.

Depends on what you mean by "last". Will be drinkable for days, but the flavor starts to decline as soon as its opened. Will be flat within an hour or two, and if you haven't noticed, those 40 oz are already flatter than the smaller ones. Dude, can't you just chug it, and buy another later? They are only a couple bucks, and if you can't chug a beer, you should just buy those little baby Millers bottles or mini 8 oz Coors light cans. Pussy.

It depends.

It will still be safe to drink for a few days but after sitting overnight it will be flat and taste like crap..

you shouldn't be drinking if you can't kill the 40

youre a lightweight

maybe 4 hours

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