What kind of beer should i buy to night Budweiser or budlight?!

Question: What kind of beer should i buy to night Budweiser or budlight?

Neither...watch this video....


Coors Banquet ftw

Or PBR if you wanna go cheap. Bud is watery and lame.

Get the cheapest - they all taste much the same (ie of nothing much at all). Or spoil yourself by buying some proper beer - you'll find it in bottles at the back of the liquor store, hidden behind the mountains of cans of Budweiser.


Personal preference

If theyre the same price and you want more bang for your buck than go budweiser. More alcohol per serving.

College Days

Try Blue Moon or Shock Top. There very good!

Bud light. Taste is better

Budlightt HEERE WE GO

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